How We Work

DECADE TO with experience

Consignment split: 50% to Consignors 50% to Decade to Decade

Established selling prices are firm for 60 days. After 60 days prices are reduced as follows:

  • 15% after 60 days
  • 10% every 30 days thereafter

Merchandise remains the consignor's until sold. The consignor may take back the furniture at any time, however items must be picked up within one week after which storage charges will apply.  If items have not sold after one year we will donate them on your behalf.

All merchandise must be approved by on-site visit or photographs.

Delivery of merchandise to and from our showroom is up to the consignor or customer, however we will gladly recommend reliable and reasonable delivery services.

Payment to the consignor is by cheque. Cheques will be created the first week of the month following the sale of merchandise and mailed to the consignor.

What We Take

DECADE TO DECADE accepts better quality home furnishings and accessories on consignment.  Our items range from contemporary.

We look for good quality, enduring design.


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